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The biggest priority of Bambino is that not only its shell (interior, exterior) is beautiful and sophisticated but also the life inside. Bambino is being created by a great team – starting with very erudite, open to all and very sympathetic director through extremely friendly, empathetic and kids loving teachers to the always smiling other staff. Life in Bambino is also formed by parents whose everyday stress and worries...

Anna a Ladislav Klímovi
parents of Matyáš and Maruška

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Open day in Square school

In September we are opening our new school Square and this is why we went to opening day to see how does it look like. The classrooms were big and light with lots of interesting books, games and materials for learning. The most interesting was model of the human...

Visit of synagogue

We had a lot of fun visiting Jewish synagogue. We´we listened to the story about Golem and we´ve also found out where he lived. Afterwords we went to see the cemetery where we´we put little notes that we made earlier that day. We were leaving full of emotions! ...