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Both our daughters attend Bambíno; Anna (4) attends kindergarten and Mína (2) attends nursery. Anička started with attending the kindergarten when she was two and half; Mína has been attending nursery for circa half a year. Honestly, I can hardly imagine that they would have to attend another kindergarten. Bambíno is perfect in every area – perfect teachers, who like their jobs, love the children, are experienced,...

Martina Vopršalová
mum of Anička a Mína

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Ferda mravenec exhibition

Today we have been invited to interactive exhibition about Ferda Mravenec. The exhibition has been set at palace Koruna where we could see Ferda, Beruška and other Ferda´s friends. They prepared some interesting activities to do - how to look after the nature,...

Trip to the traffic playground

We had a nice time at the police museum. When we arrived there a police office was waiting for us. She talked to us about some basic traffic rules, such as riding/driving always on the right side and always signaling and paying attention to the traffic lights. We...