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Trip to the bookstore Pinwheels

On Monday we visited the Pinwheels bookstore. Owner read three books for us. The Canadian „Domov“ (Home) presented us with all kinds of dwellings and houses. The story of a boy from Indonesia has been brought to us by the „Komodo“ book and in the book „Dlouhá cesta trpaslíka“ (The Long Way of the Dwarf) we have learned that even a small dwarf can have great dreams.

Lecture Beluška

Guide dog Beluška visited us on Wednesday. We tried to walk with a support cane and tried glasses that showed us how people with different visual impairments see. Beluška showed us how she can help and we learned how to identify the guide dog. We know where the guide dog can and where he can not go. We learned what the Braille alphabet is and how to read "blind" images.

Trip to the bookstore Tapatan

In October we went on a big trip outside Bambíno. Our trip brought us to bookstore Tapatan. We had to travel all the way to Zizkov by tram. There was an exhibition of a good and bad devils and we listened to the story of a Blue Crow who was different from her siblings. It was a very nice place and when we were leaving we received a book with dedication from Mr. Vrána, the writer. We enjoyed every minute of our trip.

Trip to playground Červený vrch

On Monday we went for a trip to Červený vrch playground by a tram. We talked about the colors and the signs of autumn. We gathered nature products for the scavenger hunt, and everyone created own autumn palette. Then we all played together on the outdoor playground and around the park.

Rainbow day

On Wednesday 27th of September we had a "Rainbow day" in our Bambíno. The theme was one of our favourite - multiculture and animals. Every continents has specific colour and animals. We travelled inbetween Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America and Antartica. On every continent we had to fulfill a task - we made, exercised, sang and danced. We just had a fun!

Rozarka the dog

In the beginning of a new school year, we had a visit from a dog called Rozarka. Rozarka also came with two friends - stick insect and a snake. We werw able to touch them and Rozarka showed us some tricks. The owner of Rozarka also explained us how we should behave when we see a dog. Thank you Rozarka, and see you next year!

Ferda mravenec exhibition

Today we have been invited to interactive exhibition about Ferda Mravenec. The exhibition has been set at palace Koruna where we could see Ferda, Beruška and other Ferda´s friends. They prepared some interesting activities to do - how to look after the nature, about first aid, Ferda´s puzzle and we show them which songs we can sing. For every tasks we got stamps and when we collect all of them we reserve little presents - flag with Ferda, badge and balloon. We had been very well looked after. We had a great time!

Trip to the traffic playground

We had a nice time at the police museum. When we arrived there a police office was waiting for us. She talked to us about some basic traffic rules, such as riding/driving always on the right side and always signaling and paying attention to the traffic lights. We understood and had the change to put it into practice. We rode bikes around a course that resembled an actual rode. It was lots of fun and quite tiring.

Trip to Divoká Šárka

The trip to Divoká Šárka was just amazing. We went there and the day was fantastic. The sun was out and it was warm. We saw lots of sheep and goats. There were also some lambs, but we didn’t see any kids (baby goats). We fed and petted them. Then we met the Shepard who’d been sleeping for three hundred years, when he heard the call of the goats he woke up. He helped us to take care of the sheep and even milk a goat. We had lots of fun in the nature of Divoká Šárka.

Trip to the Bookstore Luxor

Because this weeks topic was about books, we went to visit a Bookstore Luxor. On the way there and back we used an underground train. We had to use escalators and elevator which was a lot of fun. In the bookstore we‘ve talked about different fairytales, we¨ve learned about what is the difference between encyclopaedia and comics. In the end we also had time to play with construction sets and we have picked a few books for our Nursery children. We had a lot of fun!
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Ecole maternelle Bambíno

Nous avons préparé un programme unique, conçu à base de jeu, qui met l’accent sur un mode de vie sain ainsi que sur l’enseignement de l’anglais ou du français. Nous disposons de notre propre salle de gymnastique, d’un atelier de céramique, d’une salle de création et d’une vraie cuisine pour enfants. Nous soutenons les démarches smart grid, éco, bio, ...

Crèche Bambíno

Nous proposons des prestations de soins pour des enfants âgés de plus de 6 semaines, pendant la journée, des heures convenues et les week-ends. Nous disposons de locaux agréables et tranquilles, adaptés ? l’âge des enfants, ainsi que d’un personnel médical professionnel...