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Bambíno Holidays

Mr. Bambíno invites all children up to 10 years to spend a summer 2018 with him!

During the summer holiday, we open Bambíno with the whole world in it for all children younger than 10 years (i.e. also for non-Bambíno kids)! Together with the teachers, native speakers, and Mr. Bambíno as the summer guide, children will experience all continents of the world through various experiences, sports, tastes, professions, and adventures. The last week we will even totally cross the borders and head towards the space!



Summer program up to 6 years

Summer with mr. Bambíno

Summer program up to 6 years

  • the whole summer children will be guided
  • the will discover not only the life on the Earth, but Mr. Bambíno will also take them into the space
  • children will learn many interesting things from Mr. Bambíno in an entertaining and creative manner regardless of whether they are two or five years old
  • Mr. Bambíno will do sports, cooking, art and music with the children
  • each day after the lunch, Mr. Bambíno will take the youngest travellers in our bedrooms, where a bed will be prepared for each of them

Price from CZK 2 130 / week price list

  • Czech-English education program during the whole summer
  • skilled Czech teachers, native speakers, and nurses for the youngest kids
  • Organic food two to four times a day and drinks available no-stop
  • 1-9 weeks, 2-5 day a week
  • from7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • small groups 5-10 children
  • the programme includes any educational and creative equipment and materials required


Hello children, before we start our holiday adventure, we have to make a firm rocket, space suits, and the star chart.Are you ready?Three, two, one… start the engines… Start!Our rocket has started and we together fly to discover the space.Mysterious planets, stars, and galaxies are waiting for us.Pay attention to black holes!And, perhaps, we will also meet an alien… And finally we will land on the most beautiful planet – Earth.

10.-14.7.2017 EUROPE

The planet Earth is so big and interesting!Where to start?Mr. Bambíno will get on a train and set out for discovering Europe first.He invites all his friends to have the English tea at five, to climb on the Eiffel tower in Paris, and to have a trip to the Říp hill in the Czech Republic.Will learn, how to prepare a curious pizza in Italy and we will play ancient gods in Greece with Mr. Bambíno.

7.-21-7.2017 AFRICA

Do you know how they travel in Africa?They ride camels, indeed.Camels will take us up to the Egyptian pyramids, where we will turn into mummies for a while.We will visit our African friend Kolonkan, who will show us how to make African jewels and how to bake johnnycakes.Yum!Just be careful about tigers, giraffes, and elephants - they would surely like to have a piece us too!

24.-28.7.2017 ASIA

There’s no other way of travelling around Asia than using a magic carpet.We will weave one large enough for Mr. Bambíno with all our friend, who will introduce to us the Asian cuisine.The cuisine certainly includes sushi, rice noodles, and sticks.Add a traditional hat, fan, and kimono, and the traditional feast may start!


Attention!Attention!Let’s prepare snorkels, diving goggles, swimming suits, and flippers!Our friend Sponge Bob invites every brave sportsman to take part on the Olympic Games under the sea!Nemo and other inhabitants of the sea world will compete with us.Join us for discovering this amazing element and even for some awardsfor perfect competing!

7.-11.8.2017 AUSTRALIA

Hurry up, check your passport, map, suitcase and, get on a plane!Together with the Tasmanian devil we will fly down to the other side of the world.What do you think is waiting for us?Friendly Australia, indeed.The Tasmanian devil and kangaroos are close friends and they’re looking forward for jumping in a circle and tasting a fresh fruit salad.We will get familiar with a musical instrument didgeridoo that has an odd shape and is made of wood. It makes interesting sounds that are ideal for aboriginal dances. We will try these dances, that Australians dance since old times, on our own at the end of our trip.

14.-18.8. 2017 NORTH AMERICA

Stop getting off or getting on, the doors are closing!A bus with a live speaker will take us across North America and we will be guided by nobody else than Mickey Mouse himself.Where are we being headed to?Around the majestic Statue of Liberty and we will also see hot American Mr. president lives!Yeah, and we will have another interesting stop in the fascinating Grand Canyon, where formerly Indians were riding their horses and shooting their bows.Do you also want to become and Indian? Yes? We will create and Indian headband and a bow together. Travelling is a very demanding activity also for little Indians, so at the end of the journey a hearty picnic will wait for us to supplement our powers for another adventure.

21.-25.8. 2017 SOUTH AMERICA

Prepare a proper dance posture and let’s start.Spin, lift, and step by step.We will dance with Minnie and Mickey down to sunny South America.A proper and true carnival in Rio is waiting for us.We will make a colourful carnival costume, learn how to mix a light summer cocktail, and perhaps also visit a football match.During our journey we also will have an opportunity to get familiar with many new exotic plants, we can just dream about here in the Czech Republic.


It would have been great if we had a chance to cool ourselves in the hot summer!Our bold wish will be easily met by a dog-team that will take us in cold Arctic and Antarctica.We will be said hello by Eskimos, who will show us how to build an ice igloo properly and will take us to the places inhabited by penguins.Since there is ice and snow everywhere around us, we can use them for experiments of any kind.After a comprehensive survey we will be taken back home.Then we and our friends can make a healthy fruit ice cream to be the imaginary dot behind our adventurous journey around the globe.

Summer program from 7 to 10

Bambíno journey around the world

Camps for children aged from 7 to 10 let

  • we will find out interesting things and mysteries from all around the world
  • each day we will be guided by a Czech teacher and an English native speaker
  • we will became directors and actors and will shoot a movie on our own
  • we will explore the world through the art, sports, and tastes
  • we will make a whole-day adventurous trip
  • LEGO Education will show us how it all works together

The price CZK 3 850 / week incl.

  • Czech-English education program, MO to FRI from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Organic food three times a day and drinks available all day
  • dramatic education lessons with a movie production
  • trips around Prague and its neighbourhood incl. antrance tickets and travel costs
  • LEGO Educations lessons with an experienced English lecturer
  • any educational and creative equipment and materials required
  • an experienced Czech teacher and a native speaker
  • a small group of circa 20 children

Supplementary programme 500 CZK / week

  • morning activities 7.30am – 9am supervised by a teacher
  • afternoon activities 4pm – 6pm supervised by a teacher
  • evening snack

10.-14.7. 2017 EUROPE

France, England, Italy, Greece and back home to Czechia.Within our travels, we will have a whole day trip to see mouflons and explore European flora in Kunratice woods.We will play Gods in a Greek legend and we will make a movie thereof on our own.We will try Italian cuisine, tea at five, and we will also climb to Prague’s Eiffel tower.

17.-21.7. 2017 AFRICA

Also this week, as soon as we get Bambíno passports, we will set out for an adventure in Africa.We will see Egyptian pyramids, travel through Madagascar and Ethiopia and last but not least, we will set out to trace bats in Prosek rocks.And we will shoot our own movie in the theme of an African fairy tale.We are going to have tasting of African cuisine, creation of masks, building of pyramids and lots of fun when playing outside.

24.-28.7. 2017 ASIA

This week we will travel in Asia with the children.First we will get Bambíno passports, then we will take a balloon ride to Russia, China, Himalaya, India and Tibet.In the middle of our travels, we will have a climb in Himalaya – Divoká Šárka where we will enjoy outdoor entertainment activities.We will shoot our shadow theatre about Chinese dragons.We will make matryoshkas, mandalas and Tibet scarfs but not to have too much of it, we will rest by meditation like real monks and make a tea.

14.-18.8. 2017 NORTH AMERICA

Our baggage is packed, we can set out for another adventure – now to North America.First of all we will create Bambíno passports and then we will be ready to learn how cowboys and Indians live, we will visit Canada, the USA and Mexico.Will we like their cuisine?We will have a trip to Prokopské valley and maybe we will feel there like in Grand Canyon.We will have a lot of fun both outdoors and indoors, and we will even shoot a Mexican fairy tale.


This week, we are going to refresh to icy Antarctica!First, we will arrange Bambíno passports and then we can explore life of Eskimos, build igloos or go fishing, later we will set out for a trip to the Sea World and together we will shoot a Chukotka fairy tale.Will we manage to conquer South Pole?If not, we will surely manage to conquer Letná Park and we will have great fun there!


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