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Bambino participates in the various projects. Look at what we do for to be the best for you.

Multicultural Educatin

Bambíno Kindergarten has become a partner in the OP PPR Project (Operational Programme Prague – Growth Pole of the Czech Republic) aimed at Improving Quality of Education through the Enhancement of Inclusion in the Multicultural Society. The Improving Quality of Education through the Enhancement of Inclusion in the Multicultural Society project is co-financed by the European Union.

Malé Bambíňata do školy

Bambíno je partnerem MŠMT v rámci Operačního programu Výzkum, vývoj a vzdělávání, který je spolufinancovám Evropským sociálním fondem, díky čemu získalo prostředky na projekt č. CZ.02.3.68/0.0/0.0/16_023/0001624 Přechod dětí do základní školy aneb Malé Bambíňata do školy.

ISO 22000:2006

Hygiene and safety is also important for us, so we decided for ISO certification and succeeded. As the only kindergarten, we can boast of a certified food safety management system according to ISO 22000:2006.



Police visit in Bambino

Last week we had an interesting visitors - two police officers. They told us a story about teddy bear Brumla. Brumla was acting a bit silly and he ran away from school and got lost in the town. Luckily he met a nice police officer who explained him how do we behave...
KIDS web

Bambino kindergarten

We have prepared a unique playful programme with emphasis on a healthy lifestyle and English or French. In our children-centered environment you can also find the pottery and art room, sauna and children´s kitchen. We support "smart, eco and organic approaches".

Bambino nursery school

In our nursery we provide full-day or half-day attendance, depending on your individual needs. Bambíno nursery environment is very pleasant and peaceful, adjusted to the children´s age. Children are looked after by our professional medical and teaching staff.