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One of the basic Bambino´s credos is the flexibility. That is the reason why we have created four basic types of our programme. You can choose for example from the full-day programme when the children come every morning and leave in the late afternoon. Our basic programmes aren´t the only possibilities we offer. If you had any other needs, we could adjust the programme for your child.



We very thank to all teachers and especially to Tereza Hodinová for kind and empathetic approach and morning assistance in the kindergarten. A big thank to Magda Nedvědová for a progress of our son in English. A big thank also to Šárka who took care of our son when he was ill. The most important factor for us is very kind, helpful and sensitive approach of all teachers to our son. It helped to our son to get accustomed...

Helena Janouchová
mum of Alex

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Police visit in Bambino

Last week we had an interesting visitors - two police officers. They told us a story about teddy bear Brumla. Brumla was acting a bit silly and he ran away from school and got lost in the town. Luckily he met a nice police officer who explained him how do we behave...

St. Nicolas in Bambíno!

You will not believe but this year we had a visit of St. Nicolas and Angel. He had to be very brave because we had Bambíno full of big and small devils. Thankfully we had few little angels here as well. We told to St. Nicolas what we are doing in our kindergarten...