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The kindergarten Bambino in Dejvice is aimed at healthy lifestyle, English and French programme led by our native speakers. Our unique educational programme is prepared for children from 3 years to their pre-school age. The education of our children is provided by professional teachers and other specialists on children´s psychology and speech therapy.

Our children spend a lot of time in the art and pottery room, we cook in a realistic children’s kitchen, go to sauna and exercise in our own gym. When the weather is nice, we enjoy time with the children on our garden terrace where we grow our own vegetables, in the garden with a nice playground and run-out for our three goats, or in our sport spot with basketball and fotball goal.

Bambíno in Dejvice is truly exceptional. Our quality educational programme accredited by the Ministry of Education, professional staff and reasonable school-fees are only some of our advantages. In any case we lay stress on quality communication and individual approach to each client (if little or adult:-)).

Bambino kindergarten – frequently asked questions

At what age can we enrol our child into your kindergarten?

The children can enter our kindergarten when they reach at least 2.5 years of age; younger children can attend our nursery.

When is Bambino open?

Bambino kindergarten is open every weekday from 7:30am to 6:00pm, however if you needed to bring your child earlier or pick them up later, we are able to provide individual care for your child. The kindergarten is open throughout the whole year, without any holiday, the school is closed only during the Czech bank holidays.

How often can our child go to Bambíno kindergarten?

Bambíno has 4 basic programmes to choose from. Your child can attend full-day programme from 7:30am to 6:00pm, the shortened programme form 7:30am to 3:00pm, morning programme until lunch time, or afternoon programme from 12:30pm to 6pm. You can also choose attendance from 1 to 5 days a week. It is the best for your child to participate in the full-day or shortened programme 5 days a week; however we will adapt your child´s attendance programme to your individual needs.

How are the children divided into classes in Bambíno kindergarten?

In Bambíno, we don´t split our children into the separate aged-based classes. We divide them into small heterogeneous groups. Division into the small groups is very important for an easier children´s adaptation in the new environment and also for you, the parents, to have one defined partner (a teacher) for consultations about your child´s development. On the other hand, our basic philosophy isn´t to separate children completely, so Bambíno children mix, join and separate again for some activities to create new groups. This makes the entire programme not only more interesting, but also helps us to develop your children´s individual communication skills.  

Are you able to arrange the transport of my child to Bambíno kindergarten and back home?

Yes, we are able to arrange the transport of your child. Our mini-bus will take your child to and from Bambíno from the places and in terms we will arrange with you.

Do you provide baby-sitting for children who don´t attend your Bambíno kindergarten regularly?

Yes, upon the prior agreement, we are able to look after your child whether or not he/she attends our kindergarten. We are able to provide baby-sitting almost any time, whether for a few hours, a whole day, a weekend or a week.

Do you go outside with the children?

Yes, we go outside whenever the weather is nice. We usually go to our garden to take care about our three goats (Oskar, Agáta and Albert), playground, sport spot or for a walk; if it´s raining we run around in our gym. Once in a while, we go with our children also for trips in Prague and we travel outside Prague at least twice a year when we organize the autumn and spring school in nature on a farm.

You teach English at Bambíno kindergarten. Isn’t it stressful for a child to learn a foreign language when he/she has not even mastered his/her mother tongue one hundred per cent?

It is not quite correct to say that we teach English. Don´t imagine the classical English lesson, as it is important for the children in this age to play; they are not able to stay attentive, sit and concentrate for a long time, so we use playful and spontaneous form of "teaching" our children English. Our English programme with native speakers fulfils all the children´s needs - they communicate in English, however have the usual playful, creative programme full of art, pottery, cooking, sport activities etc.

Will you enrol a child that doesn´t speak Czech into the kindergarten?

It is not a problem if your child does not speak Czech. We certainly enrol the children who don´t speak Czech and have much experience with children speaking English, French, Italian, Russian and Japanese.

Can I stay with my child in Bambíno or visit him/her during the day?

Yes, you can be with your child in the kindergarten or visit him/her any time during the day. If you want to spend your time with your child in the kindergarten, it is better to consult it with our teachers and consider whether or not this will disturb your child’s activities. We always have to keep in mind that the presence of the adults affects the other children in the group as well. Nevertheless, you can stay with your child in the kindergarten, either inside or outside during various activities or just be around; sit on the sofa, connect to the Internet, make yourself a cup of coffee and make sure your child feels comfortable.

Can I take home my child’s art-work?

All our children’s art-works always decorate our kindergarten´s interior for a while - it´s a very important moment for all the children, as they want to show off first. Then we scan the art-work and place it to your KIDS web where you can watch them on-line. After all this, we put all the products to your child´s portfolio and you can take it homeJ

Can our child attend any clubs or courses in your kindergarten even if he/she does not go to there on the daily basis?

Yes, our usual educational programme includes pottery and art workshops, music and dance lessons, yoga and cooking classes, etc. However, we also organize some clubs and courses for the children who don´t go to our kindergarten regularly. If you are interested in any clubs or courses, look at our activities and courses section where you will find the presently open ones. 

How do you inform parents about their child´s development?

You will of course meet your child´s teacher on the daily basis. Our teachers are always prepared to answer all your questions or to consult anything with the specialists in case they don´t have the answer to any of your questions. Moreover you will get the official overall evaluation of your child in the form of personal meeting with us twice a year. During the meeting we do not only evaluate the child´s development, but also specify the aims in work with the child for the forthcoming period.

Can my child eat only organic food?

Our philosophy accentuates environmentally friendly behaviour and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we have decided not only to engage in a lot of exercise with the children, but also to prepare healthy meals. It means that we provide organic quality food for approximately 95% of all we eat; the rest of the diet consists of healthy, but not completely organic food, e.g. some cereals, pastries, etc.

Do you admit children who have a special diet or health limitations?

We try to adapt to your individual needs in Bambíno kindergarten. So after the consultation with the parents and paediatrician, we enrol those children with the special diets, whose parents understand that we all will have to co-operate much more than in case of a child without any health complications. 

Our educational programme

Our basic goal is not to change the children. On the contrary, we want every child to remain “himself/herself” teach them to make use of the potential they have for their own development.

We create an environment for the children in which they can feel safe and that stimulates their natural inquisitiveness and interest in everything they do not yet know. We search for stimuli and activities for them that allow them to realize their potential. With all our activities, we try to work on the children’s individuality and allow every child to develop himself/herself with our support, in his/her own natural way and pace.

We try to teach the children the basics of what they will need throughout their lives, no matter where they end up. We want the children to learn to be independent, to be able to communicate well and to express their own opinions, as well as reach an agreement with those whose opinions may be different. We do not want to theorize about ideas with the children, we want them to try as many things as possible on their own, practically (from sports, to cooking, to caring for the environment), to perceive as many things as possible with their own senses and to remember as much as possible of them.

Bambino was created for children. Hence, we engage the children in the life of the nursery and the pre-school as much as possible. Therefore, the children help us create and revise the rules that are universally followed by all at Bambino. We consult the children on programming matters and we evaluate both our nursery and the pre-school together with the children and adjust them subsequently.

The methodology of our work is divided into the following areas:

  • Me and practical life
  • Me and language
  • Me and numbers
  • Me, health and the world
  • Me and my friends

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The reason why our Hugo has been attending Bambíno, is his granny. She was really interested in Hugo’s very first studies, so she wanted to be involved in searching. Suddenly she found a Bambino leaflet somewhere and brought it to show us. We were in three kindergartens in total; the first one didn’t meet the hygienic norms at all. It seemed that there was a hygienist waiting behind the corner prepared to close...

Tereza Booth
mum of Hugo

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