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We really liked the Bambíno Kindergarten since the first visit – beautiful villa, big garden, goats in the garden, cosy playrooms, fully working childrens’ kitchen, cosy beds in the shape of bee hives, wittily solved childrens’ toilets… and mostly unbelievably kind director, for who nothing is a problem. Eliška started to attend Bambíno when she was 1.5 years old and now, in her five years,...

Anna Knapová
mother of Eliška

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Trip to playground Červený vrch

On Monday we went for a trip to Červený vrch playground by a tram. We talked about the colors and the signs of autumn. We gathered nature products for the scavenger hunt, and everyone created own autumn palette. Then we all played together on the outdoor playground...

Rainbow day

On Wednesday 27th of September we had a "Rainbow day" in our Bambíno. The theme was one of our favourite - multiculture and animals. Every continents has specific colour and animals. We travelled inbetween Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America...